Cherry Village Homestay Resort

Offbeat Activities

Here, the resort offers the visitors to pick and choose from an array of activities ranging from:

VILLAGE WALK- Hang around the village and observe Typical Sikkimese rural life.

After dispensing with the room boy- done in after lugging your bags- you walk around the village. A walk around the village is a great way to enjoy solitude and wham! It really touches you. You will either gaze at the perfect village lifestyle, their hospitality in stunned silence, or chatter endlessly at them, depending upon your disposition. More to it, the view around you is so riveting, so ideal place for people seeking peace, recluse and also adventures.

Community Service :

Tourists may involve themselves in community services like awareness generation on healthcare, career counseling to the students, cleanliness and sanitation issues, etc by conducting drives in the village with the help of local Community-Based Organizations (CBO’S)

YUMA Meditation Center :

Tourists may visit the Yuma Meditation center. Know more about Yuma (Goddess).

Srijunga Yuma Manghim:

It is the worshiping place or temple of Limboos and can be seen constructed on a small hillock adjacent to Darap Secondary School and Western Modern English School and Western Modern English  School. The elevated mount is a beautiful and apt place for sightseeing.

Agricultural Activities:

Observe and experience the traditional method of Cultivation by plowing the field/ Paddy Planting ( Dhaan Ropai), from June-July & harvesting from November-December. Farm-work, (eg., Feeding cattle, milking cows, collecting firewood, etc)

Local Language Learning:

learn the local language- Limboo, Lepcha (Tribe of Sikkim), Bhutia, and Nepali languages or even arrangements can be made to interact with the local school students (share your experiences) with them.

Milking Cow:

For those growing up in urban areas who wanted to know much about rural life. Darap is the perfect place to be in. Experience milking cow.

Fishing at Rimbi & Riverside Barbeque:

River Rimbi is an ideal place for fishing located 2km away from Darap, which has led fishing a common activity among locals. Enjoy the day by fishing ‘Assala’ local fish has a very unique taste and is particularly found in this region only. Also, enjoy a riverside barbeque.

Traditional Cultural Program:

Village people are by nature music lovers. Every evening traditional cultural program is presented to the tourist to entertain them. Among these, the most popular are Chabrung dance and Dhaan Naach. To meet up local’s demand for traditional music and song we have Juhri, to entertain them.

Taste Local Cusine and Traditional Brewery

  • Reward yourself with a glass of Tongba and a variety of local cuisine
  • Barbeque
  • Angling for ‘asala’ in the Rangeet River
  • Enjoy evening cultural dances