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Beautiful Darap

Sikkim's Postcard Perfect Village, Darap

Amongst the few unexplored areas in the world over there isn’t one as enchanting and inspiring as Darap. The village is historically known as Therap-meaning flat land and is home to a few of the Limboo people. tucked away in the interiors of the Himalayan Belt, this high altitude cold village has only recently been known to the outside world. Situated at an altitude well over 1600 mts (approx) above mean sea level, this valley is exposed to temperature variations of -5 degrees centigrade. This makes Darap storehouse of various rare and endangered species of flora and fauna and various unique and rare aspects of the Limboo culture are well preserved in this valley.

Darap village is rich in natural resources, bio-diversity and particularly very rich in cultures and customs of Local tribes called ‘Limboo’s’ and is inhabited by 95% of Limboo population with their fascinating village lifestyle. Village homestays offer one unique and exclusive insight into this mystical land, its people, and its rich cultural heritage. Your village stay experience at Darap offers the best of limboo hospitality and cultural traditions.


The Limboo Community

The Limboo(tribe) people are by nature physically strong and independent with an open heart. Limboo has several sub-castes/clans, e.g. khamdhak, Muringla, tamling, Lingden, pegha, etc. The Limboo man wears Po-hok-ma and ‘Sumba’ which is a bit similar to Daura Suruwal(Nepal Dress) and the women wears ankle-length dress Sim and Hambari, which is usually bright in color and finely woven fabric with a traditional pattern.


It is observed that about 95% of the people live on subsistence farming, sattered in sparsely populated houses across terrain of the Himalayas. Agriculture being the paramount ocuupation of the villagers, the main crops cultivated in the village is cardamom, maize, millet, paddy, wheat and buckwheat

Music and Dance

The folk songs and dances of the Limboo tribe are very rich and energetic. One can witness the lovely traditional limbo dance and song with ‘Chabb-rung’ (drum) during the festivals and other important occasions



Architecture: The small castle-like houses with large courtyard unique, beautiful galleries, and balconies is the masterpiece of the Limboo people.

How To Reach Darap

Connectivity: Well connected with roads from every part of Sikkim, Bengal – Darjeeling, and Kalimpong.

Location: It is situated 144 km from Bagdogra airport and 135 km from the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station, 93k m from Darjeeling, 95 km from Kalimpong, 121 km from Gangtok, and just 1 min drive from Upper Pelling en route to Khecheopalri Lake and Yuksom Road.